We sell a wide range of bicycles, but admittedly, we are a smaller shop, and can’t stock bikes for everyone. We’re a bit of a boutique shop, but without the boutique attitude.

We are known for 3 THINGS: Our Service Department, Service Course Bicycle Builds, and Hand Built Service Course Wheels.

Many of the bikes we sell are built to order. We create bicycles of lasting performance, suited to the needs, habits, and desires of their owners. Our preferred partners include Waterford and Gunnar, Surly and Lynskey, and Soma.

Bikefix is a Bianchi dealer, the oldest continuous maker of bicycles in the world. Bianchi offers bikes from affordable and stylish townie models, fitness and sport hybrids, classic road bikes, all the way up to world class racers ridden at the professional level.

A word about Service Course:

Service Course is the highest grade there is. It represents proven reliability and uncompromised performance suited to each rider. Bikefix assigns the Service Course moniker only to our hand built wheels and fully custom assembled bicycles.

When you ride our Service Course wheels and bikes, you are riding the very best. You can spend more money, but you don’t have to.

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