Bikefix is run by two mechanics with more than fifty years of combined experience. We are committed to excellence and honesty in our work. We are constantly improving our skills and spare no expense in our quest for anything that helps us do our job better.

Most common service is completed in less than a week. If you need your bike by a particular time, we are more than willing to accommodate you.

Here’s a short list of services:

Tune-up: Our most common service offering for well-ridden bicycles. Your bicycle is fully inspected, cleaned, and adjusted. Wheels are removed and trued; crankset is removed and bottom bracket is inspected; chain is measured and replaced if necessary; cables and brake pads are replaced if necessary; and tires are inspected and inflated. If anything is broken, cracked, frayed, worn, or just plain dead, the Bikefix tune-up will catch it.

When you get your bike back it will be tuned and ready, very likely better tuned than when it was new, unless, of course, you got it from us. You’ll notice the difference.

Tune-up with Drive Train cleaning: The same tune-up plus a deep cleaning of the transmission and chain replacement.

Safety Tune: Appropriate for older or very basic bicycles. It is designed to maximize the pleasure and security of riding for light recreation, short commutes, and errands. All systems are checked and adjusted to ensure reliable use.

Handlebar Taping: Remove the gross tape you’ve had on your bike for too long. We’ll freshen up your bike with a well-wrapped set of bars. You’ll feel faster, too.

Flat Repair: Generally a while-you-wait service. Rates vary depending whether the wheel is on the bike or off of it. Internal gearing, chain guards, shaft drives, drum brakes, or other complex wheel features can drive up cost.

Custom Bicycle Building: Your dream and our passion. Custom building is a specialty, and it requires an experienced hand. Every fitting and component will be set, adjusted, pre-stressed, and torqued. Cables and handlebar tape are carefully measured and installed. All frames and forks are fully prepared in-house, to assure years of maximized performance.

Wheel Building: Hand built wheels, by us, in our shop—what could be better? We build hundreds of them every year, tuned to the riding style and weight of every rider.

Bikefix uses a handmade Morizumi spoke machine to cut exact spoke lengths--there are no compromises.

Frame Preparation: The way to ensure proper function and long service life of your bottom bracket and headset is to fully prepare the frame surfaces.

Bikefix uses the world’s finest frame prep tools from LAN 71, Campagnolo, Cyclus, Park, Var and Cobra.

A note on Service

We won’t sell you anything you don’t need, and will make recommendations based on what we think will work best. It’s good to remember bicycles are dynamic machines, made up of parts designed to wear out and be replaced at both regular and irregular intervals. If your bike has broken parts still under warranty, we can facilitate the process for you.

Bikefix does not service gasoline or battery driven cycles and some large pedal cycles. If you’re unsure about your particular machine, please call or email us.

We are happy to look at your strollers, joggers, bicycle trailers, etc.